Iraq Situation Report: November 4-5, 2014

November 5, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

The contest for Anbar Province in western Iraq is intensifying. 

Syria Update: October 29 - November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

An ISIS offensive against regime military bases and infrastructure in eastern Homs province appears targeted to relieve pressure on ISIS in Deir ez-Zour by disrupting the regime’s supply lines to Deir ez-Zour city through eastern Homs Province.

ISIS Is Still Not Expanding into Egypt

November 4, 2014 - Aaron Reese

Despite rapidly spreading reports that Egyptian Salafi-Jihadist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, that does not appear to be the case. Initially reported by Reuters, other sources have run with the dubious story without further vetting the information.

Iraq Situation Report: November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

ISIS escalated its attacks in the capital as Shi’a Muslims commemorated the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s death in what is known as Ashura, or the tenth day of Muharram.

Iraq Situation Report: November 1-2, 2014

November 2, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

ISF and Iraqi Shia militias continued the operation to retake Baiji district from ISIS.

Iraq Situation Report: October 30-31, 2014

October 31, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

ISIS is targeting members of the Albu Nimr tribe in Hit district in retaliation for their anti-ISIS stance.

Control of Terrain in Syria: October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

On August 28, JN and rebel forces seized control of the Golan Heights border crossing with Israel in Quneitra province. 

ISW Resources on ISIS

October 30, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

Click here to find the most recent list of ISW's resources on ISIS. 

Syria Update: October 17-October 29,2014

October 29, 2014 - Institute for the Study of War

The regime’s seizure of Morek is a significant setback for rebel forces seeking to maintain the disruption of the regime’s preferred supply line to Aleppo north from Hama along the M5 highway.

Iraq Situation Report: October 28-29, 2014

October 29, 2014 - Nichole Dicharry

Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Iraqi Shia militias area challenging ISIS on multiple fronts. In northern Babil, ISF and militias are capitalizing on their recent gains in Jurf al-Sakhar to clear ISIS strongholds in areas like Owissat and are using Fadhliyah, adjacent to the Anbar system, to advance toward Amiriyat al-Fallujah in coordination with Anbar Operations Command (AOC).