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Maliki's Authoritarian Regime

Today, political and military power in Iraq is highly centralized in Prime Minister Maliki’s personal office. This will have important implications for the future of Iraq and the trajectory and durability of its democratic transition.

Political Update: Competing Initiatives Shed Light on Iraq’s Uncertain Political Alliances

The apparent beginnings of a campaign to remove Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and the threat of a similar campaign against his most significant opponent suggest that Iraqi politics is entering a period of intense political jockeying.

Iraq Update #52 - Demonstrations against Maliki after Issawi bodyguard Arrest

Demonstrations, sit-ins, and acts of civil disobedience have been ongoing in Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province and in Samarra in Salah al-Din since December 23 in protest of Maliki’s arrest of bodyguards assigned to Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi.