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Iraq Situation Report: June 30, 2014

ISIS may be launching a renewed military o­ffensive to take control of all urban centers in Anbar Province, beginning with Haditha and moving toward Ramadi. The Haditha Dam is a critical element of Iraq’s infrastructure, which ISIS and other anti-government groups may use to obstruct ISF mobility in Anbar, much like the Fallujah Dam in April 2014.

Iraq Situation Report: June 27, 2014

The Iraqi government is preparing defenses for the Battle of Baghdad as Ramadan approaches. The government’s plan will also likely include the deployment of Iraqi Shi’a militias. ISIS’s gains in Ramadi indicate the increasing threat to the city. ISIS aims to take Ramadi as part of its interim, operational objectives.

ISIS Battle Plan for Baghdad

There are indications that ISIS is about to launch into a new offensive in Iraq. ISIS published photos of a military parade through the streets of Mosul on June 24, 2014 showcasing US military equipment, including armored vehicles and towed artillery systems.