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Thank you to our supporters, who help keep our nation secure.

ISW is grateful to the many individuals, corporations, and foundations that provide generous support to help us execute our mission. Through their generosity, ISW is able to help keep our nation secure by allowing us to advise military leaders and policymakers on sound military strategies.

ISW’s research and analysis is respected because of its high quality and its independence. We do not accept government funding. We set our own research agenda. And we have strong research independence policies. We can offer analysis and informed advice that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom.

Charitable donations to ISW make our work possible.

Corporate Supporters

ISW’s Corporate Supporters believe that an advanced understanding of military issues results in significantly better national security policy. They recognize the relevance, accuracy, and impact of ISW’s research and analysis, and provide support to ISW and its leadership.






Institute for the Study of War Donor Privacy Policy 

A Promise to Our Donors 

ISW commits to not sell, trade, or generally share its donors’ names and/or personal information with any other individual or entity, nor send mailings or solicitations on behalf of other organizations.  

In the case of donations processed through a third-party service or platform, our donors’ information may only be used for the explicit purpose of processing and acknowledging the received donation. ISW’s policy applies to all donor information received by The Institute for the Study of War, whether via offline or online, and electronic, oral, or written communications.  

Donor confidentiality is essential to ISW’s operations and a priority for those on the Development team and philanthropic staff. Any donor-related information obtained by ISW is handled on a confidential basis. All philanthropic staff are expected to avoid unauthorized or inadvertent disclosures of donor-related information. Donors, fund beneficiaries, and grantees may receive information pertaining to their gifts or grants from a member of the philanthropic staff.   

Information Collected and Use  

ISW may collect and maintain such information as: contact information: name, organization, address, phone number, email address; donation information: amount(s) donated, date of donation(s), method of donation(s); donors’ requests and comments. Such data is used to maintain donation records, send tax statements, acknowledgements, updates via newsletter, invitations to private ISW-hosted events, and/or for internal marketing purposes.  

ISW has taken care to establish appropriate and reasonable administrative safeguards that prevent unauthorized access to and maintain the internal security of all data collected. While these security measures cannot promise to prevent all losses or ensure that donor information cannot be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with ISW’s policy, these measures are taken to protect donor privacy to the best of ISW’s ability.   

Contact Us 

For further information on ISW’s donor privacy practices, or to opt in/out of our mailing list, please direct your inquiries to [email protected].