Baghdad Neighborhoods: Rusafa

September 22, 2007

The Rusafa security district provides an interesting look at a complex Baghdad neighborhood with strategic significance and changing demographics.

The Dangers of Deadlines (The Weekly Standard)

September 17, 2007 - Kimberly Kagan

There is perhaps no greater danger to the success of American efforts in Iraq than the prospect of a congressionally mandated timeline for withdrawal.

Reconciliation in and around Baghdad

September 15, 2007 - Institute for the Study of War

The refrain of ‘concerned citizens’ and ‘reconciliation’, so familiar in the news emanating from places like Anbar and Diyala, has found a degree of resonance in the Iraqi capital.

Knights of Ameriya: Baghdad

September 11, 2007 - Institute for the Study of War

They call themselves Farsan Al Rafidayn, the Knights of the Two Rivers. And in Ameriya, a formerly wealthy district of western Baghdad, they have turned on al Qaeda,

Baghdad Neighborhoods: Mansour

September 10, 2007 - Institute for the Study of War

Baghdad's Mansour district shows the competition between enemy groups for territory in Baghdad, the effect of the troop surge, and problems with Iraqi governance.

The Tide is Turning in Iraq (The Wall Street Journal)

September 9, 2007 - Kimberly Kagan

Operations and events on the ground are already showing successes well beyond Baghdad in Anbar, Diyala and Salah ad-Din provinces--formerly al-Qaeda strongholds and hotbeds of the Sunni insurgency.

Potemkin Story: Understanding the Dora Market (National Review Online)

September 5, 2007 - Kimberly Kagan

The Dora market is an amazing success story and a small part of the critically important success that U.S. forces have achieved in the heart of a neighborhood that had been one of AQI's strongholds.

Operations of the 6th Iraqi Army Division

September 5, 2007 - Institute for the Study of War

This is the first in a series of reports profiling the units of the 6th Iraqi Army Division. The units discussed here are located west and south of Baghdad.

Operation Phantom Strike Factsheet

August 30, 2007

Phantom Strike, a series of targeted joint operations against al Qaeda, Sunni, and Shi'a insurgent elements
in Baghdad and the surrounding areas, was launched on August 13, 2007.

Iran's Proxy War Against the United States and Iraq

August 29, 2007 - Kimberly Kagan

This Iraq Report describes lethal support provided by the Iranian government to Shi'a extremist organizations in Iraq.