Andie Parry

Position: Middle East Security Program Researcher

Andie Parry is a Researcher with ISW's Middle East Security Program. Andie is a recent graduate from Pitzer College where she specialized in Middle East Studies and International Politics. Andie began as an intern in 2023 on the Axis of Resistance portfolio. Prior to her involvement with ISW, she worked with the US Department of State on understanding the China-Middle East nexus and on improving women's involvement in security policy.


In the Media:

Houthi Red Sea strikes kill first sailors, as ballistic missile threat proliferates, Breaking Defense, March 6, 2024

ISW Publications: 

Syria Protest Update, September 12–September 18, September 20, 2023

Syria Protest Update, August 29—September 4, September 6, 2023

Syria: Anti-Regime Protests Risk Crackdown, September 5, 2023

Iran, Russia, and the Syrian Regime are Coordinating to Expel US Forces from Syria, August 3, 2023


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