Stephen Gordon

Non-Resident Fellow and Technology Advisor

Stephen Gordon is a Non-Resident Fellow and Technology Advisor at the Institute for the Study of War, where he leads ISW’s Digital National Security Initiative. He focuses on the challenge of comprehending, visualizing, assessing, and forecasting information operations, particularly as part of hybrid warfare.

Stephen began his professional career in New England with a leading management consulting company before pivoting to the high-tech industry where he has spent over 20 years working closely with customers in commercial and government sectors, creating strategies and blueprints to navigate through their digital transformation journeys. Stephen is an experienced professional who has built high growth advisory services and software divisions, including a gaming studio for top technology companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, VMware, and IBM. These enterprises have focused on developing advanced technologies to meet critical national security needs. A trusted advisor to senior defense, intelligence, national security, and special operations communities as well as civilian agencies, Stephen brings cutting edge mission and operational oriented concepts and capabilities with particular depth in gaming, simulation, machine learning, autonomous systems, edge technologies, analytics and live operations, automation, advanced visualization systems, cyber, and deep ocean sensing for multidomain scenarios. His expertise crosses the maritime, ground, air, cyber, urban, and information domains. Stephen was a co-founder of the Industry Working Group on Cyber-Security Policy & Technology for The Brookings Institution. He is a founder of R.I.S.E (Robotics, Intelligence, Society & Economy), an executive thought-leadership conference and digital series with New America, Microsoft, and VICE Media, providing military, industry, academia, and tech industry innovators that serves as a forum for discussions of advanced technologies. Stephen is an advisor to Alturus, a Boston-based company whose mission is helping clients achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.



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